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We offer 4 Standard Sizes of Cabinets 48", 52", 65" and 72"

Print this page to help plan your Unique Sewing Experience

How Do You Sew?

  1. Do You ( Circle each that applies)

                    Sew    Quilt    Embroider    Serge   Other


    3.   Does Your Sewing Area Cohabitate In Another Room ?
YES          NO
    If Yes, Which Room ___________________

    5. Do You Keep Projects In Containers?
YES          NO

Machine & Equipment Needs

  1. What Brand and Model number is your Primary Machine?

           Brand ______________________________

           Model # ____________________________


    3.  Do you have a Second Machine?

           Brand ______________________________

           Model # ____________________________


    5. Do you use a computer with your machine?
                     Desktop         Laptop

    6. Do You Need Storage?
                     Bookcase   Drawers    Other

Your Space

  1. Measure the space you have to work with and draw it on a piece of paper.  (1 inch equals 1 foot)
  2. Note any windows and doors in the room.
  3. Note any heating source.
  4. Note all electrical outlets, telephone, cable and internet.
  5. Note any existing furniture that will stay.
  6. Measure your Sewing Height.

    Sit at your sewing chair, feet flat on the ground, put your arms down to your side, with elbows bent forward, have someone measure the distance from your elbows to the floor.      


  2.   Do You Sew Large Projects?

YES           NO

  4. Do You Need To Put Your Sewing Machine Away?
YES          NO

6.   Do You Need A Project Cutting Area?
YES          NO



 2.   Do You Have A Serger?

 Brand ____________________

 Model # __________________


 4.   Do You Have A Third Machine?

 Brand ____________________

 Model # __________________


 6.   Do You use a Printer/Scanner?

             Yes     No           


When You're Ready....
Call us  866-739-3876 or
Call Your Local Authorized Dealer or
email questions to us at  mailto:sales@uniquesewingfurniture.com
Please don't be shy with your questions, we fully understand that this is a major investment into your sewing enjoyment for years to come. We take pride in the quality and craftsmanship that go into each and every product we create. So make Sewing comfortable, enjoyable, practical and beautiful the Unique Sewing Furniture Way!

If You Can Dream It, We Can Build It!